Eating Psychology Coaching
with Tzivie Pill


Why I Love Eating Psychology

For most of my life I didn’t like my body.  Like so many I turned to dieting in order to lose weight.  I kept at it for twenty years, but found it impossible to keep the weight off. I grew frustrated and blamed my body and myself for my lack of "success." If that wasn’t enough, the way I approached food was dysfunctional and all-consuming.

Eating Psychology helped me understand the why’s behind my unwanted eating behaviors. I discovered that addressing the underlying issues driving me to eat were far more effective in weight stabilization than the short term band-aid of dieting.  Instead of trying to artificially control the symptoms, I learned to treat the underlying causes of my dysfunctional relationship with food and body. 

Now I want to help you. In my coaching practice, I am certified by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and use the evidence based methods of Intuitive Eating to help each individual achieve a healthy relationship with food and body.