The NourishKeit Approach

Imagine that instead of all the restrictions, do-not’s, and critical judgments about which foods are good and bad, we existed in a place in which food is just food, and our bodies are just our bodies.

This is the central idea of the Intuitive Eating philosophy and body acceptance movement.  We need not, and should not be constantly obsessing over food and body.  Food doesn’t have to have a constant calculation; we don’t need a stream of endless diet-column writers telling us which foods we can eat without guilt, and which we must avoid, when we can “cheat” a bit and how to return to our strict diet regimens.

Intuitive Eating guides you to learn to use your body's natural cues to guide you to eat and to treat all food as fair game. This is the path to become a normal eater where bodies are allowed to just be how they were naturally designed to be.