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Body Positive Journey: A Love Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

I have always felt awesome as a person, but have not always been so proud of you. For a long time I felt that even when you brought me joy you were sure to turn around and disappoint me yet again. But here’s the thing I need to realize today: We are actually the same thing. You have been right there with me all along, doing whatever it is that I decided we should do, helping me realize my – our – many accomplishments. But I haven’t really been that nice to you. In fact, you can pretty much say, I’m a bully. I brought this cycle on us, and you went along with it. You gave me signs that I was hurting you, but I kept at it. And then when you don’t look or act the way I want and unfairly expect, I am mean. I am mean to you every day, multiple times a day. I am meaner to you than I am to anyone else in the world. But being mean isn’t getting us anywhere. It’s making us more disconnected than ever, and it just adds more fuel to a raging fire of self-hatred, and self-abuse. So today I want to start mending our relationship so that we can be one together, like in a marriage. It’s time for us to work together, so that we can help each other be our best. I need to allow you, body, to be in a relaxed healthy state and to be nourished physically and emotionally so my mind can be razor sharp and energetic. Together, as one, we can kill it at life.

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