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After Years of Dieting, Intuitive Eating Helped Me Love Myself the Way I Am

A year ago I completely overhauled my life in the best way possible. I was burnt out from my efforts in trying to change my body and life through diet. I wanted my life to be perfect, and every magazine or trashy tabloid I read informed me that all that perfect would magically fall into place, if only I could achieve a thin body.

I found myself driving down the street and studying every storefront for weight loss solutions or diet centers. My ears would perk up at radio commercials advertising, “HAVE YOU TRIED EVERYTHING BUT YOU JUST CAN’T SEEM TO FIND LASTING WEIGHT LOSS? TRY QUICK WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTIONS!” Oooh, maybe this is the trick?

As tempting as that tag line was, my gut was telling me I needed to take a step back. This just wasn’t working for me anymore. Read More