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Staying Intuitive over Yom Tov (Holidays)

Focus on Memories: The words “Yomim Tovim” are translated as “The good days”. Remember that the holiday meals are about spending time with friends and family and enjoying them. The goal is not about stressing over every bite that goes into your mouth or worrying that what you eat will make your skirt tight. Think of all the potential memories you have waiting to create. Think of your favorite highlights of past holiday meals. They probably have to do with a lot of laughter and fun - not moaning on the couch from overeating.

Slow Down: Take a deep breath and try to slow down. The food isn't going anywhere. If it’s a special recipe you only get once a year, instead of trying to get it all in, how about shift the focus on to enjoying it to the max. Have a little date with your favorite food. Tell it how happy you are to see it, smell it and of course eat it. Either think it in your head or shout out loud with each bite how delicious it is.

Food Should Feel Good: Notice when that special food starts going to a different place from tasting and feeling good to a place where it’s losing its magic. Check in with yourself, and once you start feeling like the food is losing its taste or your stomach is getting full, remind yourself you can take a break and come back to it.

Be Kind: Six consecutive meals is a lot. Whether you are still new to Intuitive Eating or a seasoned Intuitive Eater - expect to overeat. It happens. It’s hard to stay mindful all the time. And that's okay! Each meal or snack you sit down to is another eating opportunity to stay committed to you. Show yourself some kindness. This is hard. If one meal ended up in a way you didn't love, that doesn't mean all mindful eating get's thrown out the window. You have the next meal to have another chance to feel good.

Eat Regular Meals and Snacks: Remember to fuel yourself when YOUR body needs it. We often skip breakfast and snacks because we know a big meal is coming. But these big meals are usually scheduled late or at funny times that won't work for you. So nourish yourself with a snack or mini meal at a time where your hunger needs attention. Pushing off your hunger never works in saving calories, more often than not is causes you to overeat.

Your Body, Your Clothes: No one really notices if you gained five pounds or if your clothing isn't sitting right. People are focused on themselves. The people that stare you up and down don't actually care about you, they are too focused on themselves because they are not feeling good in their own body. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable and able to smile because that is what shines through.

You got this!!!!!

XOXO, Tzivie