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So, How Are Those New Years Resolutions Going?

It's the end of new years resolution January. You might have promised yourself weight loss and are bummed things haven't panned out. But I am here tell you that this isn't your fault and you don't have to take the blame for this.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Although it’s been drilled In our heads, diets are not in place to help us acheive healthier lives. It’s actually a multi billion dollar industry that gets rich on your failure. While December might be holiday season for us, January is the diet industry's holiday season. This is when the they rake it in, they most money, by capitalizing on the 95% chance that you will fail.

I dare you to walk into any gym in January and they will be offering you their lowest rates of the whole year. Check out your local grocery stores and you'll see pretty specific food items on sale, like oatmeal, yogurt and 100 calories packs. The message is there loud and clear: they want you on a diet so they can get your money. And they do this every single year.

I get it it Sounds a little crazy but if you're one of those people who come every January to have a clean slate New Years resolution to lose weight weight -yet again - maybe it’s time to see that you are being pulled in to something that isn’t really working for you.

Think about it- attempting the same thing over and over again each year but expecting something different to come out of it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. We are made to believe that we have failed over and over but maybe it’s time we uncover that it’s the diet that has failed us many times over. My most helpful tip for New Years resolution? Maybe not have one around weight loss? This year what if oatmeal and yogurt are part of your life when you actually want oatmeal and yogurt? What if this year you can learn to become the kind of eater who eats food to nourish your body? And you look at your body as the vehicle to get you to where you want to go in life Rather than being the focus of your life?Maybe try a new way this year? Trade in all the yo-yo dieting and start to focus on keeping your body healthy without weight loss. You CAN do this and learn to be satisfied with your body, feel sane around food all by learning to eat intuitively.

An intuitive eater doesn’t need a whole diet program to tell them what to do because they have all the wisdom they need from within their own body. As it turns out our bodies were made with everything we need to guide our eating, like hunger and fullness cues for example. When you start learning how to trust that part of yourself that's when the magic happen and you might find yourself a calmer eater.And the best part? It’s free! You don’t need to pay for a subscription service or buy a Groupon to do it.

So how about this year you throw away the rules that comes along with dieting and try to feed your body lovingly.Recognize what a thorn yo yo dieting has been in your life and l throw it to the side. Tell the month of January we are over its resolutions and we want to do things a little different in 2018.That instead of giving into the pressure of dieting you are choosing to live your happiest life.